Monday, December 02, 2013

Clinical Monitor

Moving forward without IQ Scripts for Elekta Mosaiq Users.

How many users like us have been waiting for a long time to have Elekta to improve its IQ Scripts? It just takes them forever to work on it. Currently, the IQ Scripts is triggered by QCL items in our version of Mosaiq (2.4). It has to be manually entered, but not driven by events. This only achieves half-baked eChart system.
Therefore, we decided to move on without IQ Scripts. The data has been pulled out directly from Mosaiq SQL Server and comprehended by our in-house algorithm. Currently, three items are monitored in our system, Physics Initial Chart Check, Physics EOT Chart Check and patients who miss treatment more than 3 days. The list of watching items will be picked out by our algorithm and displayed in red. Isn't it neat? Yabee!

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